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Scottish Animal Welfare respond to calls of injured wildlife via our 24 hour animal helpline.  Being such a diverse organisation allows us to respond efficiently, reaching the animal in distress on average, within the 40 minutes.

Our Animal Rescue Officers attend incidents involving all types of animals, from seals, whales and porpoises that have become stranded on our shores to more common incidents of badgers, foxes and deer that have been involved in road traffic accidents.

Sick, injured and orphaned wildlife are cared for and rehabilitated at our National Rescue and Rehoming Centre on the outskirts of Edinburgh.  

Scottish Animal Welfare feel that every animal is equal and therefore, will not put a wild animal to sleep if we feel it has a chance of rehabilitation and release.

Scottish Animal Welfare are available 24 hours a day.  Should you discover an animal that is injured, is in distress or that you have concern for, please contact our Animal Helpline

03000 999 000

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03000 999 000

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